Much Ado About Fall

As I quickly flipped through the super scary Halloween movies on the television, I thought to myself how content I felt to be watching a movie, snuggled up on the couch. This quick change in weather makes me yearn for warmer weather, but staying indoors with cinnamon and spice treats and brews sure does help.

The skull stays out all year…

Since I won’t be outdoors as much in the colder months to come, it was nice to admire the little characteristics in my apartment that I’ve been adding to. My BaubleBar monogrammed coasters and agate bookends make it even more inviting after a long day at work. It’s also amazing how a wood-burning fireplace will make you feel even more cozy.  It was good to just relax after a cold day outside, and I was even more snuggly in my new Calvin Klein Jeans sweats while Witchcraft plays in the background.

As it gets cold outside and holidays approach, I see that I’m thankful of the people I surround myself with at home and work. A quick dinner with the parents did wonders on my sense of how content I used to be just watching a movie with them. I was refreshed after a weekend of family, fall fun, and seasonal goodies.

Das Boot and a giant turkey leg!

Much Ado About Food Festivals

I am much in favor of tasting and sipping copious amounts of a variety of sweets, savory and swigs. It is always great to try new things, especially my one true love- food… I tasted so many different cheeses, burgers and tacos at the Greenwich Wine + Food Festival. (All the samples of local wine, brews and spirits were just another plus!) No matter if you are at a food festival, brunch or a night in with friends and take-out there are some fall staples one can wear.

Greenwich Wine + Food Festival

For a food or music festival, one needs to work with the elements, and in the fall it could go from warm and sunny to cloudy and raining within the hour. At the GWFF, I got to savor the last bit of summer weather in a short-sleeved denim shirt and woven hat. For brunch outside this weekend, I had to wear both a cozy BCBG pullover and my go-to bomber jacket. If you’re going to Oktoberfest or Smorgasburg I would try more layers and booties, and I am all for loose sweaters so that I can eat/drink more anyway!


The last set of clothes is my favorite because who doesn’t like getting in warm comfortable clothes before a night of wine and Rom Coms with your girlfriends? I am always obsessed with Wildfox sweats, and this pullover and eye mask are to die for.


Are You Peachy Keen or Not?

As NYFW revs up, I keep thinking of all the daring looks that will walk down the runway, but I always think, “Hey, wouldn’t the models be prettier with no make-up?” This radical thought isn’t so radical anymore, if you check out some recent makeup trends that are made up of bare and nude eyes, lips and cheeks. Except for brows standing out (which I always got made fun of when I was little), it seems like less is more. There is a rainbow assortment of beiges to assists one in contouring any skin tone, but is it really necessary?

Alicia Keys recently showed up to the VMAs with no make-up on, and is keeping up with this statement while being featured on The Voice. The Peachy Keen and nude trends were strutting down the runway in early Spring, just for us to use them now! Not wearing a veil of powder, foundation and colorful eye lids is healthier for your skin, but it also may do the opposite for one’s self-esteem. For us with blemishes, uneven skin tones and a fading tan, this could be problematic…


For quick saves to my skin, I always recommend Bioré blackhead strips, and a quick tip is to use them all across your T-square! For when the leaves start to turn darker, and your skin tone goes in the opposite direction, try Clarins Plus Radiance Glow Booster, which can be added in increments to your face or body lotion. My problem area are the bags under my eyes which are always a dark, ominous color. The Rodial Dragon’s Blood eye masks and gel sounds just mystifying enough for me to try.

The standards that we have created to wear makeup are just as important as we make them, so let us just remember to embrace our natural selves!

Pardon My French

As I cleaned out my closet at my parent’s house this past weekend, I found random journal entries and magazines from my last trip to Paris. Reading all of these entries made me think back to Paris and ways I could bring parts back to home.

Château de Chenonceau

Although I can’t go back to wine tasting with my best friend in a beautiful castle cellar, I can sure go through flashbacks in small ways. When I lived in Paris, every wine I tried and loved costed under five euros so I’m always searching for a wine that will take me back to that summer.

Also, I still try to find foreign films on Netflix to keep up with the language. Also love fashion? Try the “Yves Saint Laurent,” film that was directed by Jalil Lespert. This film on the muse was a great representation, and made me want to not only live in Paris, but live in Paris in the 60’s.  Try these jammies for a night in with a bottle of Rosé from Provence, and, boom, you’ll be transported to France. If going out is your style, try Pardon My French for brunch or Raclette for dinner in New York.

FullSizeRender (1)
La Croisette, Cannes

There are more and more French brands coming to the states, as well. The one trend I do hate is graphic tees with French words on them, especially when the wearer doesn’t know the translation. Everyone has been talking about French brand Kenzo for HM, especially on Refinery29, and here I am also, foaming at the mouth waiting to grab some come November. More gushing to come when Paris Fashion Week begins in mid-September.

Endless Summer is a State of Mind

I cannot believe that the summer is already burning out, and fall styles are hitting the stores. I’m that one girl who always seems to start wearing the season’s clothing late in the game because I always love prolonging summer styles. I agree with Free People on this “Endless Summer” concept because I love it so much. I think that if you have classic items such as satin shorts or conservative cover-ups, they will still translate in between seasons with added scarves, cardigans and booties. A great way to ensure that you’re ready for fall is to soak up as much summer as possible, that’s at least what I’ll be doing!

All #FreePeople all Summer!

If I could live in a bikini and sarong most of my days, I would be content. This brings me to discuss vacation options for the rest of summer and the long Labor Day weekend. Although I’ll be doing more a low-key beach stay this Labor Day, I’m more than excited to lounge in the sun with a cool drink in my hand (with a fun personalized stirrer or garnish would be even better)!

Love my #gypsywarrior hat!

There are many inexpensive vacations that one can explore such as Santa Barbara or Greece. Although the airfare could be expensive, try this layover website to search for flights that are timed so you can do a day excursion while in the layover city. Airbnb is the way to go if you’re trying to save money, and I love the personal vibe that you get when you’re staying in the heart of a city amongst locals. When I lived in Paris last summer through Airbnb, I stayed in the 8th arrondisement in a tiny studio (with no AC!), but I loved it because I was living amongst locals, and I was a few blocks from the Champs-Élysées.

Who said Champs-Élysées? That question brings me to the most important part of a vacation, big or small. Don’t forget to go shopping, although this isn’t necessarily the bargain part of the trip…Try searching the exchange rate right before you go away and always look for local markets or where the locals shop. I will definitely be shopping since I’ll be in the states come Labor Day weekend with sidewalk sales galore- when stores are practically giving away summer styles. Whether you’re soaking up the sun or taking part in a different summer adventure, I hope yours will be endless!

For Work and For Play!

If I’ve learned anything about street style in New York, it is that there are no limits. Although the sky may be the limit in the concrete jungle, work attire is a little bit more confined (sigh!). I kept thinking that I could create certain outfits to compete with the summer heat while maintaining my style, and here we have them! From work to play, I’ve compiled a list of go-to items to that would me in check, without exposing too much skin in the office or on the beach.

Since 90 degrees is the new 70 and the office is frigid I think layers are a must…I love the bomber jacket trend, and I think that refined ones can look almost blazer-like with a nice pair of pants.

These Mara Hoffman culottes are perfect for the office or a dinner by the water. They are fresh with a small print and flowy to compete with the summer heat.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 1.29.24 PM
Check out these dreamy coulottes, yes I just said both dreamy AND coulottes!

I am always a fan of bringing a scarf on the train commute because it gets so drafty. I’m a firm believer that you should either “go big or go home” so I’ve been looking for a Hermes to splurge on. These are great to wear as sarongs or headbands as well at the beach.


On a side note, I like to to think that my other job is finding the best sample sale or newest collaboration. I’d be sure to check out some pretty great collabs coming out in the fall, can you say Kenzo and H&M?! Although i just mentioned fall, there are so many sample sales will help us remember that we still have time to get our tan on! Check out Wala Swim 8/9-8/11 171 Madison Avenue, Suite 1001. Also there is Victoria’s Secret for its swim sale (can you believe they’ll be discontinuing that line?!) Do you a new bag for all those layering tips I recommended? Try out the Bottega Veneta sale from 7/27- 7/28. Whether you’re going on a summer vacation or staycation, these are just a few of the essentials.

Cheating on Fashion with Furniture

Moving into my apartment has made me take a stray away from fashion finds and develop a home décor obsession. I love checking out Jonathan Adler and Z Gallerie for some pieces that would scream my personality. I also love looking for random pieces from antique stores or inheriting something from a family member’s home that has history.


For affordable furniture and accent pieces I have also been checking out Wayfair. Pier 1’s “big sale” also led me to my new true love, my patio sectional. I am still debating throw pillows, but I already have my Mexican blanket, dream catcher and herbs are ready set up for a little staycation. It’s now my favorite place to go after I get home from work.

Whether you like bold, eclectic colors with textured textiles or a sleeker and modern look with all white and silver, there are so many places to shop. I feel that, between fashion and furniture, there are so many similar things to love, and both describe one’s personality. It may take a long time to find that one couch that you’ll use forever, but once you find it (like when I found a vintage YSL scarf at a flea market) it feels like fate.


The Birthday Blues

Having just graduated and started my first full-time, big-girl job within the same month, my birthday was almost double booked in my planner. This is just a reminder to appreciate what you have and celebrate it. I tried Gallow Green for brunch over the weekend and was very happy with the buffet and benches galore surrounded by vines and live music.

Gallow Green with some girl friends 

Birthdays are a great spot in the year to check-in with oneself and evaluate one’s success from the year. Can I believe that a whole year has flown by quicker than …? Can I believe that I feel more grown up and developed as a person? Yes? There are no real ways to really define this, but I think it is better to check in with oneself in an honest way to see how many hardships, success stories and possibly failures you’ve seen within this one year.

Maybe it is the new warm weather that is melting my cynicism, but I am actually excited for what life brings to me this year. This does bring to my mind  a quote from a favorite poem by Robert Frost. The quote, “and I took the one less traveled by,” reminds me that I need to sometimes take the scary, more mysterious route or choice in life. It is easy to get caught up in the monotony of a job or studies, but it is important to embrace other parts of life:Take that road that you never usually take. That is why I will perhaps go to a sample sale on my lunch break or happy hour with some colleagues. Maybe, instead of binge watching Chelsea Handler’s new show wearing these Wildfox pajamas, I’ll take a hike in these Puma’s or try a new restaurant. The possibilities are endless… that being said stay tuned for new vacation ideas!

What do you Need for Memorial Day Weekend?

What are you planning for Memorial Day Weekend? Does it include a family or friend weekend filled with sun, fun and lots of frozen drinks with paper umbrellas? I’ll be graduating from university on Saturday so a fun-filled weekend is necessary. Whether you are just escaping to read in the sun  (the French translation for a summer read is a “read for the beach”) or to party with your friends, there are tons of new accessories to help you get by.

There are a few books that have been on my reading list, such as Diane Von Furstenberg’s book, “The Woman I Wanted to be” and, a classic, “Tender is the Night” by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I honestly bring at least one book and a few magazines whenever I travel. I like options and it’s always good to have them by the beach, pool or just cozy weekend in.

Now on to the fun stuff… This article (although a little old) from Vogue will help everyone find the perfect bikini style for every body type while feeling envy of the Kardashian vacations… I have been trying one-pieces lately and try to wear mostly black with prints! I am always obsessed with new beach cover-ups also such as these from Wildfox– they could be worn by the sea or for out at night! If you guys also need swimwear advice, check out Revolve Clothing’s new partnerships with some bloggers and A Bikini A Day experts, Tash and Dev. Don’t forget they have a work out series with Self Magazine that is great, along with  Karenna & Katrina’s bikini series. Check out their new BTS video of the bikini series in Turks and Caicos. I don’t know about you guys, but I always start a routine and then fall off of it right before the holiday weekend, so I am happy with any exercise that I get by with.

Jost Van Dyke, BVI

I haven’t been forgetting a hat now that I’m trying to take better care of my skin, especially since I get a mere three new freckles each time I step outside. I would choose a cute baseball hat or a woven or straw floppy hat. I love Henri Bendel’s new accessories for the summer. And, don’t forget your beach bag! I usually carry around a cute tote (from shopping excursions and goodie bags from old internships) or I reuse the Free People shopping bags. Don’t forget all of your ingredients for your favorite mixed drink, floaties

and sunblock!

image1 - Copy
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