Much Ado About Wedding Outfits

It’s wedding season, can you hear the bells? Not only does one gush over the styles a bride wears, but it gives family and friends a chance to express glamor and celebrate with festive outfits. It’s a time for love, celebration and water works- don’t forget the water proof mascara!

Cocktail Dress: BCBG

One could argue that the main attraction at a wedding is the bridal gown. Whether the dress is an ivory, bone, cheesecake, cream or ecru a wedding dress should fit the bride’s style and give off a sense of enchantment. I really enjoy BHLDN’s selection of bridal gowns, bridesmaids’ gowns and decorations for any themed wedding. All styles on BHLDN’s site give off a warm, dreamy persona that would make any bride fall in love all head over heels.

Shop86 Set

Accompanying the bridal gowns are the many glamorous outfits such as the D. Buchanan kimono and skirt set from with a blush slip underneath. It exudes an effortless, vintage look that will be the life of any wedding or rehearsal dinner. Wear it to the wedding after-party with jeans and a tank top underneath for a more casual look. Another great alternative is a little black dress such as a simple, back silk dress with a slight slit on the leg. Whether you are dressing up as a guest or bride during this year’s wedding season, the possibilities are endless for a fun, flirty and fabulous time.

Much Ado About The Holidays

It’s over a week after Thanksgiving, and I’m officially ready to embrace the holiday mayhem, cue Mariah Carey’s, “All I Want for Christmas”. I kicked off my holiday shopping this weekend, and although it’s hard to resist shopping for only myself, there was progress. Thinking about giving gifts around this time of year gives me a warm feeling inside. As it gets colder, buying my first christmas stockings away from home and cozy throws brighten the mood.

img_2133fullsizerender-2I’m always interested in the cozy winter attire, and this season I love anything suede- from pants to booties. Ponchos and oversized scarves to snuggle me are another favorite. I also enjoy all the scents and foods that are a result of the holidays. I can’t wait to try cozy brunch at Gallow Green’s “The Lodge” and go on VIP shopping adventures like the Henri Bendel Holiday Party with mimosas in stores on the 10th.

img_2347No matter the holiday you celebrate, don’t get too crazed by the holiday madness, only embrace the warm and fuzzy feelings.

For Work and For Play!

If I’ve learned anything about street style in New York, it is that there are no limits. Although the sky may be the limit in the concrete jungle, work attire is a little bit more confined (sigh!). I kept thinking that I could create certain outfits to compete with the summer heat while maintaining my style, and here we have them! From work to play, I’ve compiled a list of go-to items to that would me in check, without exposing too much skin in the office or on the beach.

Since 90 degrees is the new 70 and the office is frigid I think layers are a must…I love the bomber jacket trend, and I think that refined ones can look almost blazer-like with a nice pair of pants.

These Mara Hoffman culottes are perfect for the office or a dinner by the water. They are fresh with a small print and flowy to compete with the summer heat.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 1.29.24 PM
Check out these dreamy coulottes, yes I just said both dreamy AND coulottes!

I am always a fan of bringing a scarf on the train commute because it gets so drafty. I’m a firm believer that you should either “go big or go home” so I’ve been looking for a Hermes to splurge on. These are great to wear as sarongs or headbands as well at the beach.


On a side note, I like to to think that my other job is finding the best sample sale or newest collaboration. I’d be sure to check out some pretty great collabs coming out in the fall, can you say Kenzo and H&M?! Although i just mentioned fall, there are so many sample sales will help us remember that we still have time to get our tan on! Check out Wala Swim 8/9-8/11 171 Madison Avenue, Suite 1001. Also there is Victoria’s Secret for its swim sale (can you believe they’ll be discontinuing that line?!) Do you a new bag for all those layering tips I recommended? Try out the Bottega Veneta sale from 7/27- 7/28. Whether you’re going on a summer vacation or staycation, these are just a few of the essentials.

French Brands are Spreading to the States

Getting a whiff of fresh pastries, hearing someone with an accent and getting stuck in the rain are some things that immediately take me back to my summer in Paris. Thinking about running around the historical monuments, sitting outside of quaint restaurants and chic Vespa riding women send my brain into a whirl. Getting a glimpse of the ‘fashion week’ and ‘A Day in Paris’ snapchat stories made my heart skip.



Looking back at all of the lovely boutiques, museums dedicated to fashion and many French brands I got to thinking about which ones have been popular in states. The Kooples are just finishing their sample sale in New York this weekend. The Kooples and Zadig and Voltaire are two edgy brands that are distinguished, French originals. The athleisure trend has taken over The Kooples in a great way with their biker chick sweatshirts. Another brand with fresh, simple styles is Comptoir de Cotonniers. Another store in Europe that reminds me of Zara is Mango. Of course I’ve been obsessed with the luxury brands sold in their flagship stores and in the Grand Palais as well. If vintage is your poison, check out Didier Ludot which houses so many beautiful Chanel bags and fur coats. Its amazing how much history has evolved into the fashion we wear today, much of it from Paris.

The Grand Palais Dome




“Style is what makes you different; it’s your own stamp…” Jacqueline de Ribes

Visiting an exhibit could be viewed as stuffy or boring, but the costume exhibit at The Met in the Anna Wintour Center was awe-worthy. Jacqueline de Ribes’ “The Art of Style” showed ensembles and experiences that almost jumped off the mannequins. There were sketches beside her ensembles on mannequins and walls that changed with photos throughout her life- which of course were all glamorous. The aristocratic beauty collaborated her designs with Valentino Garavani and Cristian Dior, and she glided into balls and parties with a finesse that no one could be compared to.


Some of my favorite pieces on display included a silk kimono, and her style was effortless and chic. She embodied style and once said, “Elegance. It’s an attitude. A frame of mind.” Ribes was considered a “Queen” in the fashion realm that I love, and was considered among the best in the world of haute couture.


IMG_1659 (1)

“Make Fashion Not War”

Time Magazine recently released their fourth annual “word banishment poll” where the magazine asks which word people would like to toss out of their vocabulary. Along with “bae,” which twelve percent chose to ban, the word “feminist” is leading the poll with 51% of votes.

Feminism has been spoken freely and advocated by celebrities such as Beyonce Knowles Carter and Lena Dunham and I think it is comical that someone would choose this word to toss away. Dunham addressed a question from a fan once concerning the way one dresses if they are a feminist. The fan was worried that since she was a feminist, she would have to stop wearing revealing clothes. This, as Dunham points out, is not necessary at all. Wearing trendy, revealing clothes such as “booty shorts,” are examples of expressing yourself- a freedom women should explore.

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Show
Beyonce “On the Run” Tour, Summer ’14


Also in relation to fashion, Karl Lagerfeld, recently demonstrated a mock feminist protest at the end of his Spring/Summer Fashion show at the Grand Palais. Some of the signs models held said, “Women’s Rights Are More Than Alright” and “Ladies First.”

Banning the word “feminist” seems like a joke on Time Magazine. Many readers are outraged by the publication’s choices and it seems that instead of banning this word, readers will ban Time Magazine.


Chanel Spring/Summer '15 Fashion Show
Chanel Spring/Summer ’15 Fashion Show