Much Ado About Summer Trends

As I picked apart my closet to clear away dated or torn summer pieces from last year and kissed my thick sweaters goodbye, I thought of how ready I was for the season! After donating clothes, I usually allow myself to indulge in shopping, so I felt I needed an overflow of new pieces to make my summer ensembles seem just as warm and inviting as the summer weather.


My first interest for the summer is the fifty shades of yellow that I’ve been noticing- from pastels to mustards. All shades have been gracing the racks, but I would stray away from loose fitting yellow tops so one doesn’t resemble a Sesame Street character. A simple yet complex addition to one’s wardrobe is jumpsuits with ventilation… I mean cut-outs, which make for a more formal look. There are so many prints and lengths to work with, making jumpsuits a staple.


Don’t forget about layering stripes on stripes and even more statement stripes! One popular trend is mixing a striped print on the bottom with another extravagant striped top or blazer. Proenza Schouler’s Summer 2017 collection incorporated a great mix of fabrics and stripe sizes. Although florals are still very popular, the ‘groundbreaking’ pattern of the summer may just be stripes! Add a woven basket clutch or shoulder bag to complete the look.

Much Ado About Athleisure

Taking a stroll down any street, one will probably witness any of the following- a pair of leggings with a blazer on top, a duffel passing off as a tote or a pair of crisp, white Adidas sneakers and a sun dress. All of these go-to items have been paired with more business-casual pieces. I do love to incorporate Athleisure into my daily routine, but it’s difficult when working in a professional setting. With that being said, I still love witnessing people pushing the limits at work- from a pair of sneakers and skirts to a large scrunchie-made top knot.

On the weekends, I enjoy going from wearing bright leggings and a sports bra at Bikram to changing into another set of black leggings with mesh and a tight sleek pullover or tee with cut outs for brunch or errands. Most designers have been incorporating some fitness and comfort into their new seasons’ designs. Alexander Wang’s bombers and knit-wear look like a dream. Then, there are the great stores that have been incorporating fitness gurus, such as Bandier and Tone It Up girls, Karena and Katrina. Also, the Stella McCartney for Adidas line seems to just be getting better and better.

I’ve incorporated a few tips so that you don’t look like you’ve been at the gym all day as you stroll into work or brunch. I like to wear my classic Henri Bendel cross-body, even with all my athletic wear. Also, I usually make sure to have my hair down or half-up because, otherwise, I start to look like Sporty Spice.  To mix things up, I sometimes enjoy a bathing suit top as a sports bra for a yoga class or under an over-sized button down in the summer. I also make sure to include a scarf or wedges that pull your interest on those pieces instead of one’s joggers or spandex bottoms.