Much Ado About South Beach

As the clocks spring forward, I can’t help but to think of the great weather that is approaching. Spending a short weekend in Miami reminded me about how great warm getaways and vibrant prints are. The trip definitely helped me prepare for the incoming trends.

The Edition Miami Beach

I’m usually all for blacks and neutrals for my every day attire, but I find that during Spring and Summer my wardrobe expands a little more. Hitting spring trends this year are khaki everything, ruffles and stripes of all kinds. The cold shoulder also doesn’t seem to be quitting anytime soon, neither. I found that in Miami I wanted to rock embroidered prints and crisp white button down dresses to embrace the expectance of Spring!

Everywhere I went, people were active and enjoying the weather. I felt the sudden urge to roller blade with them and drink mojitos because everyone just seemed so relaxed and inviting. Although my perspective on this was probably an oversight, I still believe that everyone needs to pack their weekender bags with a swimsuit and head down to South Beach for a getaway. I’d recommend staying near the glitzy beach clubs, trying a few drinks poolside at Hyde Beach Club and going for walks along the beach. Wynwood Walls and the grafitti scene are also great sights to experience while in Miami.

Nikki Beach



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