Much Ado About Arting

I’m not one to brag, but I’m great at coloring… in adult color books that is. But when I decide that real art is something to understand, I feel a little more enlightened I look to museums and galleries. In Philly and New York, my two favorite cities- don’t worry Paris is still numero uno- I enjoy different spots and opportunities to take a gander at some quality art. For those who would like to feel enriched via your own couch or bed, try podcasts and audio tours for galleries and museums.

Monet at Musée D’Orsay

Philly’s first Friday is a great and affordable way to force, or a kinder word would be immersing, yourself into new art. In Old City, to stop by the upcoming Matthew Hall exhibit at 3rd Street Gallery and go to happy hour beforehand at The Olde Bar for the Fish House Punch and $1 shucked oysters. Another great Friday affair is to try the Philadelphia Art Museum’s Final Friday, including music, libations and live music. It looks like this Final Friday is titled the Lonely Hearts Club.


The Big Apple also caters to Big Art with deals at museums on the first Sunday of each month. Some of my favorites include the wine tastings in the summer (just another thing to look forward too!) at the Cloisters. Then, call it a day after brunch and sight-seeing along The High Line before or after your tour at the Whitney Museum.

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