Much Ado About Horoscopes

Along with the dreary weather and cabin fever, I find myself checking my horoscope more than often to see if anything remotely appealing is coming my way. I’m not one to chart the stars, but every so often, I can’t help but blame my misfortune on Mercury or the fact that I’m an air sign that must go with the flow.

If you invest a lot in what many websites say on their daily horoscopes or if you could care less, I think the free Astrology Zone app gives simple and sound advice. I love accessories that involve the signs and tarot cards, as well, such as these zodiac incense from GypsyWarrior and pendants from BaubleBar. A great way to spend time indoors is to host a tarot card reading with girlfriends and cocktails.

Another way to get over cabin fever and feel more aligned is retail therapy. By thinking of summer instead of winter, try going for bathing suits which are reasonably priced at the moment! You don’t need a reading to know that the beach is a good answer, so why not start planning a weekend getaway in the warmth?

If shopping still doesn’t solve the with the winter blues, try using the Headspace app for meditation. Runes is another app that will dig deeper into approaching your best self, if you need more clarity. And last, but not least, try a new workout such as hot yoga or aerial yoga.


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