Much Ado About Winter Woes

Amongst the many New Year’s resolutions I keep hearing, I can’t help but think of what I can do to center myself for the winter ahead. This year I am looking on how to make the most of my time creatively and what to make room in my life for- maybe some more clothes!

Around this time is when I take a look at my spring and summer clothes that I know I won’t wear. I love PoshMark to sell used clothes, and anything else is off to GoodWill! I usually make an investment in a piece of clothing around this time of year as well, and this year was a Ralph Lauren blazer that I can dress up or down depending on the occasion. It is warm, structured and has a flash of gold that makes me feel just as shiny inside as it looks on the outside.
fullsizerender-5Winter is also the time of the year when I realize how dreary winter is. Just think of the sparse trees and harsh weather as an example. This is where I try to immerse myself in something creative indoors: reading, baking and get ready for it… coloring. I just received many coloring books meant for adults to relieve stress, and I am about to open my copy of  Eat Like a Gilmore to pass the time away with making many treats.fullsizerender-3The days are officially getting longer, and that is something to look forward to. I  purchased a couple of memoirs from Lena Dunham and read Sweet Bitter to add some humor/romance to this not-so-warm weather. Also, try to decide on a weekend getaway to Miami with sun and fun or a staycation with friends around the fire catching up on the award-nominated films to get through the winter woes.img_2950