Much Ado About Fall

As I quickly flipped through the super scary Halloween movies on the television, I thought to myself how content I felt to be watching a movie, snuggled up on the couch. This quick change in weather makes me yearn for warmer weather, but staying indoors with cinnamon and spice treats and brews sure does help.

The skull stays out all year…

Since I won’t be outdoors as much in the colder months to come, it was nice to admire the little characteristics in my apartment that I’ve been adding to. My BaubleBar monogrammed coasters and agate bookends make it even more inviting after a long day at work. It’s also amazing how a wood-burning fireplace will make you feel even more cozy.  It was good to just relax after a cold day outside, and I was even more snuggly in my new Calvin Klein Jeans sweats while Witchcraft plays in the background.

As it gets cold outside and holidays approach, I see that I’m thankful of the people I surround myself with at home and work. A quick dinner with the parents did wonders on my sense of how content I used to be just watching a movie with them. I was refreshed after a weekend of family, fall fun, and seasonal goodies.

Das Boot and a giant turkey leg!

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