Much Ado About Food Festivals

I am much in favor of tasting and sipping copious amounts of a variety of sweets, savory and swigs. It is always great to try new things, especially my one true love- food… I tasted so many different cheeses, burgers and tacos at the Greenwich Wine + Food Festival. (All the samples of local wine, brews and spirits were just another plus!) No matter if you are at a food festival, brunch or a night in with friends and take-out there are some fall staples one can wear.

Greenwich Wine + Food Festival

For a food or music festival, one needs to work with the elements, and in the fall it could go from warm and sunny to cloudy and raining within the hour. At the GWFF, I got to savor the last bit of summer weather in a short-sleeved denim shirt and woven hat. For brunch outside this weekend, I had to wear both a cozy BCBG pullover and my go-to bomber jacket. If you’re going to Oktoberfest or Smorgasburg I would try more layers and booties, and I am all for loose sweaters so that I can eat/drink more anyway!


The last set of clothes is my favorite because who doesn’t like getting in warm comfortable clothes before a night of wine and Rom Coms with your girlfriends? I am always obsessed with Wildfox sweats, and this pullover and eye mask are to die for.


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