Are You Peachy Keen or Not?

As NYFW revs up, I keep thinking of all the daring looks that will walk down the runway, but I always think, “Hey, wouldn’t the models be prettier with no make-up?” This radical thought isn’t so radical anymore, if you check out some recent makeup trends that are made up of bare and nude eyes, lips and cheeks. Except for brows standing out (which I always got made fun of when I was little), it seems like less is more. There is a rainbow assortment of beiges to assists one in contouring any skin tone, but is it really necessary?

Alicia Keys recently showed up to the VMAs with no make-up on, and is keeping up with this statement while being featured on The Voice. The Peachy Keen and nude trends were strutting down the runway in early Spring, just for us to use them now! Not wearing a veil of powder, foundation and colorful eye lids is healthier for your skin, but it also may do the opposite for one’s self-esteem. For us with blemishes, uneven skin tones and a fading tan, this could be problematic…


For quick saves to my skin, I always recommend Bioré blackhead strips, and a quick tip is to use them all across your T-square! For when the leaves start to turn darker, and your skin tone goes in the opposite direction, try Clarins Plus Radiance Glow Booster, which can be added in increments to your face or body lotion. My problem area are the bags under my eyes which are always a dark, ominous color. The Rodial Dragon’s Blood eye masks and gel sounds just mystifying enough for me to try.

The standards that we have created to wear makeup are just as important as we make them, so let us just remember to embrace our natural selves!

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