Pardon My French

As I cleaned out my closet at my parent’s house this past weekend, I found random journal entries and magazines from my last trip to Paris. Reading all of these entries made me think back to Paris and ways I could bring parts back to home.

Château de Chenonceau

Although I can’t go back to wine tasting with my best friend in a beautiful castle cellar, I can sure go through flashbacks in small ways. When I lived in Paris, every wine I tried and loved costed under five euros so I’m always searching for a wine that will take me back to that summer.

Also, I still try to find foreign films on Netflix to keep up with the language. Also love fashion? Try the “Yves Saint Laurent,” film that was directed by Jalil Lespert. This film on the muse was a great representation, and made me want to not only live in Paris, but live in Paris in the 60’s.  Try these jammies for a night in with a bottle of Rosé from Provence, and, boom, you’ll be transported to France. If going out is your style, try Pardon My French for brunch or Raclette for dinner in New York.

FullSizeRender (1)
La Croisette, Cannes

There are more and more French brands coming to the states, as well. The one trend I do hate is graphic tees with French words on them, especially when the wearer doesn’t know the translation. Everyone has been talking about French brand Kenzo for HM, especially on Refinery29, and here I am also, foaming at the mouth waiting to grab some come November. More gushing to come when Paris Fashion Week begins in mid-September.

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