Endless Summer is a State of Mind

I cannot believe that the summer is already burning out, and fall styles are hitting the stores. I’m that one girl who always seems to start wearing the season’s clothing late in the game because I always love prolonging summer styles. I agree with Free People on this “Endless Summer” concept because I love it so much. I think that if you have classic items such as satin shorts or conservative cover-ups, they will still translate in between seasons with added scarves, cardigans and booties. A great way to ensure that you’re ready for fall is to soak up as much summer as possible, that’s at least what I’ll be doing!

All #FreePeople all Summer!

If I could live in a bikini and sarong most of my days, I would be content. This brings me to discuss vacation options for the rest of summer and the long Labor Day weekend. Although I’ll be doing more a low-key beach stay this Labor Day, I’m more than excited to lounge in the sun with a cool drink in my hand (with a fun personalized stirrer or garnish would be even better)!

Love my #gypsywarrior hat!

There are many inexpensive vacations that one can explore such as Santa Barbara or Greece. Although the airfare could be expensive, try this layover website to search for flights that are timed so you can do a day excursion while in the layover city. Airbnb is the way to go if you’re trying to save money, and I love the personal vibe that you get when you’re staying in the heart of a city amongst locals. When I lived in Paris last summer through Airbnb, I stayed in the 8th arrondisement in a tiny studio (with no AC!), but I loved it because I was living amongst locals, and I was a few blocks from the Champs-Élysées.

Who said Champs-Élysées? That question brings me to the most important part of a vacation, big or small. Don’t forget to go shopping, although this isn’t necessarily the bargain part of the trip…Try searching the exchange rate right before you go away and always look for local markets or where the locals shop. I will definitely be shopping since I’ll be in the states come Labor Day weekend with sidewalk sales galore- when stores are practically giving away summer styles. Whether you’re soaking up the sun or taking part in a different summer adventure, I hope yours will be endless!

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