For Work and For Play!

If I’ve learned anything about street style in New York, it is that there are no limits. Although the sky may be the limit in the concrete jungle, work attire is a little bit more confined (sigh!). I kept thinking that I could create certain outfits to compete with the summer heat while maintaining my style, and here we have them! From work to play, I’ve compiled a list of go-to items to that would me in check, without exposing too much skin in the office or on the beach.

Since 90 degrees is the new 70 and the office is frigid I think layers are a must…I love the bomber jacket trend, and I think that refined ones can look almost blazer-like with a nice pair of pants.

These Mara Hoffman culottes are perfect for the office or a dinner by the water. They are fresh with a small print and flowy to compete with the summer heat.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 1.29.24 PM
Check out these dreamy coulottes, yes I just said both dreamy AND coulottes!

I am always a fan of bringing a scarf on the train commute because it gets so drafty. I’m a firm believer that you should either “go big or go home” so I’ve been looking for a Hermes to splurge on. These are great to wear as sarongs or headbands as well at the beach.


On a side note, I like to to think that my other job is finding the best sample sale or newest collaboration. I’d be sure to check out some pretty great collabs coming out in the fall, can you say Kenzo and H&M?! Although i just mentioned fall, there are so many sample sales will help us remember that we still have time to get our tan on! Check out Wala Swim 8/9-8/11 171 Madison Avenue, Suite 1001. Also there is Victoria’s Secret for its swim sale (can you believe they’ll be discontinuing that line?!) Do you a new bag for all those layering tips I recommended? Try out the Bottega Veneta sale from 7/27- 7/28. Whether you’re going on a summer vacation or staycation, these are just a few of the essentials.

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