The Birthday Blues

Having just graduated and started my first full-time, big-girl job within the same month, my birthday was almost double booked in my planner. This is just a reminder to appreciate what you have and celebrate it. I tried Gallow Green for brunch over the weekend and was very happy with the buffet and benches galore surrounded by vines and live music.

Gallow Green with some girl friends 

Birthdays are a great spot in the year to check-in with oneself and evaluate one’s success from the year. Can I believe that a whole year has flown by quicker than …? Can I believe that I feel more grown up and developed as a person? Yes? There are no real ways to really define this, but I think it is better to check in with oneself in an honest way to see how many hardships, success stories and possibly failures you’ve seen within this one year.

Maybe it is the new warm weather that is melting my cynicism, but I am actually excited for what life brings to me this year. This does bring to my mind  a quote from a favorite poem by Robert Frost. The quote, “and I took the one less traveled by,” reminds me that I need to sometimes take the scary, more mysterious route or choice in life. It is easy to get caught up in the monotony of a job or studies, but it is important to embrace other parts of life:Take that road that you never usually take. That is why I will perhaps go to a sample sale on my lunch break or happy hour with some colleagues. Maybe, instead of binge watching Chelsea Handler’s new show wearing these Wildfox pajamas, I’ll take a hike in these Puma’s or try a new restaurant. The possibilities are endless… that being said stay tuned for new vacation ideas!

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