Packing Struggles and Solutions for the Season

The weather is getting warmer and weekend getaways are seeming more necessary. If you’re trying to fly to Miami for the weekend or just driving an hour to your closest shore, these packing tips can save you. I’ve learned a few tricks from traveling the last couple years which can help you get to that frozen beverage and the sun quicker! I only could bring one suitcase and two carry-ons for my summer abroad in Paris which sounded so scary, but I mixed around my signature items in order to create a wide array of outfits. When I took a yacht trip in the British Virgin Islands, I had to bring only duffel bags because of the low amount of storage (thankfully I wore a bikini every day!). For my spring break trip to Miami I only brought two carry-ons to save on expense costs. This included those small travel bottles of all my products, and, unfortunately, only one pair of heels. Usually boutique hotels will carry hair care products that are more high-end, if you also can’t bring many liquids in your carry-on.

The view was worth the packing struggle

I love planning my outfits before a trip, and I usually like to buy a new item before or during the trip to better remember it by. I’ve also learned, not just to buy something just because it’s in the moment. When I was in Paris, I was obsessed with purchasing my first Louis Vuitton, but I am happy I saved that money because I went to London for a weekend excursion instead.


I’ve created a system to pack my delicate items on top, roll my clothes instead of folding them and to wear my heaviest shoes and outerwear on the plane or car ride. I usually try to stuff one gym outfit and a comfy, over-sized tee shirt, but there are always outfit cuts the night before I leave because I’m trying to stuff my bags full! Before spring break, I decided it was time for a new, handbag that I can use most of the year for work and play. Thankfully, the West 57th satchels are pretty big so my cosmetics, tablet, magazines and snacks all fit in it. Some other key pieces include a great carry-on (21”-9”-14” is usually the limit on most planes), and there are many roomy weekend bags from rag&bone that I love also. Don’t forget your travel-sized sunscreen for your next trip!


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