Where to Eat Brunch and What to Wear

The possibilities of brunch entrees and terrace spots are endless. Choosing breakfast or lunch and what cocktail goes with your enter can be a challenge, but choosing your outfit doesn’t have to be.


Going to a family brunch or meeting your significant other’s family for the first time? Try out a sundress, or more tailored pants, harem pants or turtleneck tank top with wedges and your favorite, non-flashy accessories like a nice watch and y-neck necklace. The McKittrick Hotel with brunch on the rooftop, Gallow Green, is a great spot in New York or try the Continental Midtown in Philadelphia for great dishes like poached eggs and polenta.
Are you more of a party girl with girlfriends trying to celebrate a birthday or relieve a hangover? Try out Pasha in Chelsea or Fonda in the lower east side for boozy brunches. You’ll want to show off your new LBD (little brunch dress) or a flowy, pastel colored or printed top (for those extra tapas and mimosas) and a floppy hat with some chunky jewelry.
More of a foodie and not there just for the unlimited mimosas (not judging)? Try out Mudspot which is a cozy coffee shop in the village or Le Bateau Ivre for great French brunch and jazz music on Sundays. I love anything with outside seating also so try Gansevoort Rooftop or the NoMo in SoHo. Last weekend at Mudspot I wore a pair of overalls and a Free People henley with embellished cuffs and booties!

French Brands are Spreading to the States

Getting a whiff of fresh pastries, hearing someone with an accent and getting stuck in the rain are some things that immediately take me back to my summer in Paris. Thinking about running around the historical monuments, sitting outside of quaint restaurants and chic Vespa riding women send my brain into a whirl. Getting a glimpse of the ‘fashion week’ and ‘A Day in Paris’ snapchat stories made my heart skip.



Looking back at all of the lovely boutiques, museums dedicated to fashion and many French brands I got to thinking about which ones have been popular in states. The Kooples are just finishing their sample sale in New York this weekend. The Kooples and Zadig and Voltaire are two edgy brands that are distinguished, French originals. The athleisure trend has taken over The Kooples in a great way with their biker chick sweatshirts. Another brand with fresh, simple styles is Comptoir de Cotonniers. Another store in Europe that reminds me of Zara is Mango. Of course I’ve been obsessed with the luxury brands sold in their flagship stores and in the Grand Palais as well. If vintage is your poison, check out Didier Ludot which houses so many beautiful Chanel bags and fur coats. Its amazing how much history has evolved into the fashion we wear today, much of it from Paris.

The Grand Palais Dome