Meditations, Mantras and Yoga Mats

I can vouch for people who try to meditate, but personally have never tried it. I can barely sit about 20 feet from my phone for more than 10 minutes… With so many different ways to communicate and a pressure to use those methods, one can get overwhelmed easily. There are so many different ways one can vent and mediate. When I first started, I rolled out my mat, put on Kaliyugavaradana from the Eat Pray Love soundtrack and just sat there with my eyes closed while trying not to let my job searching anxieties pop up in my brain. I could not let myself sit and stay silent for longer than the sound lasted… I wanted to keep checking my phone or clean something.

Peter Island Resort and Spa

I later read that meditating is almost like running, I couldn’t just jump into it and expect to meditate for over 10 minutes on the first try. I decided to also get the Headspace app to work me through this whole mediation thing. I also learned that keeping an intention or silently repeating a mantra, or a word or sound repeated,  which helps one stay in tune with their meditation. There are so many mental and physical benefits to meditating and yoga is a great start or just as good. Check out Lululemon for their complimentary yoga classes (usually every Sunday morning) or take a salutation at a local park since the weather is great this week! I can’t wait to practice while in Miami in a couple of weeks! There is something about palm trees and sand that makes everything better.

image2 - Copy
Tree Pose on Peter Island, BVI

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