Sunday Salutations and Shopping

The best part about Sunday mornings are how relaxing they can be. After morning yoga, which is sometimes hard to get out of bed for, I decided to splurge on cronuts and then crawl back into bed. Then it was time to decide what to do- my homework (due tomorrow), read Kim Gordon’s memoir, “Girl in a Band” or binge watch Desperate Housewives while shopping online. Since Nastygal’s sale is an extra 30% off I decided to check out sweaters and bathing suits on sale since I’m already thinking about potential Spring Break getaways! I also skim over for any new sales online or sample sales in the city.

Easy like a Sunday morning

Sundays are usually my day of catch-up though, so I decided to create a to-do list with all the cleaning, homework and errands that I should’ve done throughout the week. I usually prefer writing in my planner, but for on the go I like the TeuxDeux app. I also decided that since I was streaming I could clean, which led to me posting more clothing items that I barely have worn on the PoshMark app- check out my profile @madisudano!


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