Sunday Salutations and Shopping

The best part about Sunday mornings are how relaxing they can be. After morning yoga, which is sometimes hard to get out of bed for, I decided to splurge on cronuts and then crawl back into bed. Then it was time to decide what to do- my homework (due tomorrow), read Kim Gordon’s memoir, “Girl in a Band” or binge watch Desperate Housewives while shopping online. Since Nastygal’s sale is an extra 30% off I decided to check out sweaters and bathing suits on sale since I’m already thinking about potential Spring Break getaways! I also skim over for any new sales online or sample sales in the city.

Easy like a Sunday morning

Sundays are usually my day of catch-up though, so I decided to create a to-do list with all the cleaning, homework and errands that I should’ve done throughout the week. I usually prefer writing in my planner, but for on the go I like the TeuxDeux app. I also decided that since I was streaming I could clean, which led to me posting more clothing items that I barely have worn on the PoshMark app- check out my profile @madisudano!


Is it Too Late to Make New Year’s Resolutions?

Is it too late to reflect and resolute? I came back from vacation in the Caribbean just a few days after 2016 began and felt as if I was late to the resolution party. Although I am not one to give up anything or contemplate serious parts of my life, I felt as if it was already too late to create a plan for the New Year! Add that feeling to the almost-graduate anxiety, and I was ready to pull my hair out. Since my spring semester has not started yet and my relaxation period on winter break I winding down, I thought I should reflect on some events that occurred in 2015 and what I wanted for 2016.

image2 - Copy
Tree pose on Peter Island, BVI

I decided to make a list of things that made me happy and things that were terrible in 2015. Interning in France, completing my fall semester in one piece and cruising around the Caribbean with my friends were at the top of the list. I think everyone should make a plan to lay in the ocean on a giant bird float. I decided to also create more of a timeline for job searches and a stricter financial plan for the next months. I also decided to start a subscription with since I love following KarenaKatrina on pretty much all forms of social media already. Who’s to say that one can’t make resolutions a month after the New Year starts, or even mid-year!

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Taylor Swift, can we join your squad?