Slang Isn’t Just Trendy Anymore

New trends and designers in the fashion industry encourage new ways to express oneself. I always love the different expressions that stylists and designers use to describe and react to new and exciting fashion. Listening to Rachel Zoe talk to her clients and friends and say expressions such as “That’s Bananas,” “I die,” and other “Zoe-isms”.

For more Zoë- isms check out Bravo Tv

The same trends and new expressions in mass media are interesting as well. Words, such as, twerking, stanky, shizzle, and photobombing are now common terms that were mentioned in conversations, then social media, and now are actual words. Other words that were created by my generation’s slang are now used in everyday life and in the Oxford Dictionary, added just this year. I think that some slang terms should not be considered actual words, such as, “shizzle” and should not be used in the work place. Although sometimes I will quote Rachel Zoe or use abbreviations, “totes” or “obvs” I would never try to converse with my boss in that tone.

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