Staying Connected From the Comfort of Your Couch!

There are so many types of PR firms and methods that cater to the success of brands that are represented. I love when a company has a video used to grab your attention and go behind the scenes of what it is like to work at that firm or company that does in-house PR. As graduation approaches, I know that it is important to figure out where I want to work and how to make it happen. If a company has a video, it is imperative to watch it before an interview and even more important to watch many! I just checked out Hen

Reading over interviews and watching clips about a company’s success helps one understand what universal values and factors help PR firms. “Word of mouth is always the most powerful tool,” Amy Burstyn-Fritz mentions in an interview with It is sometimes more powerful to hear a fact about your career from someone currently in the field or a mentor, not a professor. This is also why exploratory interviews and internships are so important.

Watching other shows about the marketing and PR fields also can help one decide on a career choice. “Mad Men”, “The Newsroom”, “House of Cards,” and even some of Samantha’s rants in “Sex & the City” name values and issues that hold true in these fields today. Some reality shows such as “Kell on Earth” give people a glimpse of what it is like to work in the fashion industry.

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