Diversity: An Imperative Part of Fashion

Have you ever thought about how easy it would be to throw something on in the morning and not think about it? People in different countries or students attending certain schools go through with this routine every morning, but are actually ordered to wear something mundane or standard. The power to wear what I want every day excites and inspires me- what if I could not wear what I wanted? One does not realize how diverse each of us are and how it affects what we wear and how we function every day.

Diversity is what makes each of us who we are. It is not just what affects our outfits of the day, it is what drives us to communicate and function how we do. Without diversity I like to think that the world would be plain, more desolate, and boring. Diversity is more than just clothes and can add different ideas, sometimes issues, to the workplace, but these are topics that are important to discuss throughout one’s day. I believe that the world needs diversity, just like I need to accessorize and choose a certain pair of shoes in the morning.

If I look at certain NYFW collections, I can tell usually what designer is being featured, with one exception. Rodarte is a brand designed by two sisters, Kate and Laura Mullcavy, and shows eclectic and diverse collections each season that tell stories. Sometimes the stories are cultural and sometimes they are inspired by books or works of art. Each season features different social and cultural pieces that depict a diverse show. One can see the differences between last year’s Spring collection versus this year’s…

Rodarte Spr 14
Rodarte Spr 14

Are Millennials the New Black?

As I streamed fashion shows from this past week, I thought to myself about all of the new trends. And then I thought about the field that I am in- Public Relations… What are new trends and predictions that could affect my job opportunities? Are Millennials the new black? Yes, that’s right, Millennials. As a millennial we are assumed to know about open sharing of information and speedy decision-making processes. Check out Maddie and co-author Jamie Notter whom discuss this “take over” in, When Millennials Take Over: Preparing for the Ridiculously Optimistic Future of Business. Another article that I’ve recently read studies PR and Social Media use. A Community Manager is a key example of applying social media to a company’s image. It is another skill that us Millennial are expected to obtain.



There is also more need for outcome-based measurement. Today, there are other methods other than counting the clips and impressions. It is also very interesting to see how brand ambassadors, celebrities and socialites who are endorsers for a specific brand or company, are a key component to PR Campaigns. Kendall Jenner for Estee Lauder is a great example for a an ambassador because her face is the face of the beauty brand.

What Does it Take to Get Your Dream Job?

Have you ever asked yourself, “What is my dream job?” and not know how to achieve it? As I searched for a few PR Assistant job opportunities for PR Fashion Boutiques/Firms and Brands themselves, I thought, “Do I really have what it takes to get hired? Am I in over my head?” Then I thought about it and in ways, I have already been doing these duties while interning, “Maybe now I’ll get paid for doing these things?!” pops into my mind…

Just by searching through Indeed.com or SimplyHired.com, I can view jobs I prefer in whichever field or area in the country- with just one click. I aspire to do work within the PR field which requires event coordination for some brands or boutiques. I love this and have already helped with many events while interning. Managing budgets, coverage, and tracking coverage have also been a task that is imbedded in my mind. Knowing the coverage, pitching it, correcting, and finding the reach or impressions that come from said coverage is very important because it tells how many people are actually viewing that article or quote about a brand or product. Other tasks include developing travel plans and accommodations for guests and PR/Marketing managers. All of these tasks that I’ve mentioned have been thrown into my coursework, internships, and real life experiences, so I understand the job, but what always is difficult is persuading someone that you have has 2-3 (or however many years) experience at these things. This is where references come in and don’t hold back on all that you have done while interning. The job posts aren’t meant to intimidate you, but aid you in an interview- use these tasks in your resume and cover letter to prepare more and allude that you are the perfect person for the job.

Always #LikeAGirl Event in Paris
Always #LikeAGirl Event in Paris

Another way to prepare for interviews, is to read books or autobiographies of people in the field you wish to work in. Tales From the Back Row by Amy Odell just came out on the first so it’ll be my beach read this Labor Day Weekend!