Things I Realized While Living in Europe this Summer

I learned some lessons while living in Paris, France, that made me think about how I live in America…

I say sorry too much  People don’t apologize very often in cities… and I am the type of person who says sorry even when people run into me

Permittance of Alcohol should be legal at 18  I already thought of this… but really, what American teenager hasn’t?!

Winery in Chenonceaux
Winery in Chenonceaux

Fresh Food is the Best Food Yes I ate many baguettes and croissants, but they didn’t have the preservatives that could also help embalm someone.

Angelina Brunch
Angelina Brunch

Keep Your Friends Close A colleague who lives in Paris, but studied for a year in the States, told me something that I totally agree with. American friends are very fickle– they were obsessed with her when she first arrived, but never would keep in touch when she returned to France. Also, sororities and fraternities are a part of American Culture- she said they are unnecessary in France- I quite frankly agree…

Own a cute pair of sneakers  Walking around in cute heels or sandals every day made my feet (and pedicurist) hate me. Everyone in the city would wear Adidas or Nike just to walk around- even with a skirt and dressy top!

Adidas Los Angeles

Know your history- read a book every now and then The French are surrounded by beauty every where they walk. I wouldn’t say that the Independence House or Statue of Liberty doesn’t give an aesthetic sense, but the amount of history that people know- because they walk by these important landmarks each day– is astounding.

Monet at Musée D'Orsay
Monet at Musée D’Orsay

Vacations should be necessary  We have vacation time in the States, of course, but I see time and time again that we never use them up. WHY?! The French usually take all three of their vacation weeks at once.. and usually in August- many businesses in Europe shut down for those three weeks.

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