Journey into La Ville Lumiere

The past three weeks have been hectic, but also inspiring and breathtaking. I started my voyage to  Paris for the summer the first week of June! Interning and traveling around la ville lumiere has never made me so confused about missing home, but loving a temporary one.

I wanted to share some tips for travelling around! I have been to Paris already, two years ago and that is when it first stole my heart. Paris is very similar to New York City in the sense of how many tourists, workers, and locals zoom by you in an instant. The city is so breathtaking because amidst all of this chaos, one can miss how lovely even the littlest jardin or building looks. La Place de la Concorde is small area between the Jardin du Tuilleries and the the Arc de Triomphe. I am so happy to live only a ten minute walk away from all of these national landmarks.

Place de la Concorde
Place de la Concorde

I feel so welcomed by my colleagues and other locals (it could be because I try to speak as much French as I can). Even if you do not speak the language, it is accessible to get around and find what you need to make your perfect trip. The city of lights

I keep discovering the cutest cafes and little vintage stores, it’s hard to tell which I should try first! Although La Duree is now a chain of pastry shops, it is still where locals come to dine for signature French meals.

Pain Perdue
Pain Perdue

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