Whats In Your Bag This Weekend?

As the Memorial Day Weekend approaches, the weather and holiday open up more opportunities to relax and enjoy time away from work. There are a few things one can prepare for this weekend and any other summer weekend ahead. Putting these things in one bag helps you prepare, but not over pack, so you can be ready for the next excursion at hand.

Sun Protection:

Prepare for the sun and use a travel sized lotion for after to repare your skin! I like using Olay Sensitive Skin Face lotion with SPF included, but there is also Neutragena Clear Face Sunscreen which is great for every day use as well…



A printed scarf is great for your hair after a day at work or the beach. Not only will it keep your hair out of your face, it will add some color and a fresh look for the rest of your day. If the scarf is big enough, tie it around your neck or sit on it by the beach or at a park!

After a Day at the Pool
After a Day at the Pool

Dry Shampoo:

For when the scarf isn’t helping your beach hair. Try adding this to freshen up: Dry-Bar Triiple-Sec 3-in-1 @ Sephora


Denim Jacket or Kimono:

It may get chilly at the beach around sunset and these are classic ways of staying warm while not covering up your whole holiday outfit

Wedges or Slip Ons:

I prefer these Vans Slip Ons, but a classic wedge can be useful too!


Bathing Suit or Extra Panties!

You never know when you will want to change and who knows when the next stop at your house or car will be to retrieve your other items!

The Bag (DUH!):

Maybe I should have mentioned this item first! A great tote can be worn at work and transitioned for a beach excursion.

FreePeople has many vegan (fake) leather bags that are reversible and have many components inside to take out or use all at once!

The Slouchy Vegan Leather Bag @ FreePeople
The Slouchy Vegan Leather Bag @ FreePeople

Stella and Dot’s Avalon Tote in Blush is also a great choice, find my sister, Alison Viola, for questions about what bags or jewelry are right for you!


Don’t forget your phone or camera to take pictures with your friends and loved ones this weekend!

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