Welcome to Miami

I wouldn’t consider myself a “party girl” or one of the “spring break” types, but then again, what’s wrong with liking a party? Well, when I planned my spring break vacation with my roommate, we were most excited to do absolutely nothing- to enjoy the nice weather. There are so many beautiful people, places, food, and beaches in Miami it was hard to pick our favorite parts. It was nice to get out of the frigid New York area and travel after the brutal winter. Touring the Wynwood Walls and shopping on Lincoln Road were just a few of the places I would recommend someone to visit. There was obviously the beautiful weather, palm trees, and salty South Beach water which was most inviting.


The styles of the locals and the spring break students took over the streets with bright colors, prints, and tans. My roommate and I absorbed the playful and carefree vibes from everyone, even all the dogs!

Lincoln Road
Lincoln Road

It is great to feel exclusive, and spoil yourself sometimes. When you have time to think and relax, you get a different perspective on your life and can take time to enjoy it more.

Wynwood Walls
Wynwood Walls

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