Much Ado About Saying ‘I do’ and What to Wear

This weekend was filled with love, but not just because it was Thanksgiving, it was also my sister’s wedding weekend! We weren’t just thankful for family, but the new couple in the our families. Over 200 guests attended and I felt so over whelmed with warmth and happy energy towards my sister and new brother-in-law. I love the idea of weddings- expressing your love to someone and having your closest family and friends as witnesses is inspiring. If you are like me, you also observe all the details: flowers, cake, party favors, and of course the food. I think that my sister and brother-in-law made great choices and put together an unforgettable evening.


I must also say; our family and friends clean up nicely. The six of us bridesmaids wore long, black satin strapless gowns with a sweetheart neckline and each were gifted with different, beautiful necklaces. The colors my sister and brother-in-law chose were black and ivory. It was simple, classic and screamed romance. The rest of our family and friends put together great outfits and radiated love towards the newly-weds.


There are many variations of outfits one can wear to a wedding, but classic ones include a great cocktail dress and sophisticated, comfortable heels for dancing in. There is nothing worse than wanting to take off your heels by the end of cocktail hour or adjusting your dress if it is ill-fitted. Other great outfits include separates, maybe a crop top and silky maxi skirt will fit nicely also. I wouldn’t wear anything too flashy though, everyone’s attention should be on the bride and her gown. I suggest checking out BHLDN and BCBG for cocktail or bridesmaid dress inspiration. I would also suggest listening to my icon, Rachel Zoe, when she suggested in her new book, “Living In Style,” to wear a veil on your wedding day. A wedding between the two people you know and love will only come once in a lifetime; it’s sometimes nice to splurge on that day.



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