Alexander Wang x H&M Sold Out Already?!

The exclusive collaboration between designer, Alexander Wang, and clothing store, H&M has been the talk of the town since the announcement at Coachella, California in April. During fashion week, Rhianna gave a glimpse of the collection while casually wearing the line at Central Park, New York.

The fashion show and commercial was released two weeks ago and if we didn’t have our attention set on the clothing line already, we definitely do now. And before we knew it, the release date approached us (TODAY AT 10AM!) and of course everything is now sold out. The website even crashed because of the busy flow of online shoppers! The clothes are sold in select stores so there may be a chance to fend for your own piece of Wang- perhaps listen to the commercial’s background music to pump you up.

Another collaboration that has recently taken off is Kate Moss’ line for TopShop. When High Fashion Designers or Celebrities collaborate with everyday brands- there is bound to be some excitement. I personally love the idea of having the “normal” people be able to shop, not just window shop, for designer brands.

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