The Only Thing Better Than My Birthday

Each year, I look forward to my birthday: the party, the outfit, and of course, the time with friends. The only thing I look forward to more each year (besides Christmas) is my friends’ birthdays. Reflecting, not only on yourself, but on your friends time to shine is almost as rewarding as blowing out your own candles. It is also great to be able to help plan the celebration. Gathering your closest friends (and accessories) in the perfect atmosphere sometimes can get hectic. I don’t know about your friend groups, but the obligatory duties of a best friend are pretty vital on another friend’s birthday.

Gifts are almost as imperative as planning within the week of your friend’s birthday. Yes that’s right, birthday week- wouldn’t you want to have a birthday week? Gifts for my friends get smaller and smaller every year, but not less significant or special. As I get older, I get more sentimental; what was an extravagant top is now a movie ticket or picture frame with our favorite picture.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my birthday, but the rewards of helping your loved ones celebrate their birthday also gives me a rush. Don’t forget: this is another time to get dolled up! Just last weekend, I spent the night out in NYC with my close girl friends. This is something we tend to do, but knowing it’s for a birthday gives you extra enthusiasm.

Roomate's Birthday Brunch at Pranna!
Roomate’s Birthday Brunch at Pranna!

“Make Fashion Not War”

Time Magazine recently released their fourth annual “word banishment poll” where the magazine asks which word people would like to toss out of their vocabulary. Along with “bae,” which twelve percent chose to ban, the word “feminist” is leading the poll with 51% of votes.

Feminism has been spoken freely and advocated by celebrities such as Beyonce Knowles Carter and Lena Dunham and I think it is comical that someone would choose this word to toss away. Dunham addressed a question from a fan once concerning the way one dresses if they are a feminist. The fan was worried that since she was a feminist, she would have to stop wearing revealing clothes. This, as Dunham points out, is not necessary at all. Wearing trendy, revealing clothes such as “booty shorts,” are examples of expressing yourself- a freedom women should explore.

2014 MTV Video Music Awards - Show
Beyonce “On the Run” Tour, Summer ’14


Also in relation to fashion, Karl Lagerfeld, recently demonstrated a mock feminist protest at the end of his Spring/Summer Fashion show at the Grand Palais. Some of the signs models held said, “Women’s Rights Are More Than Alright” and “Ladies First.”

Banning the word “feminist” seems like a joke on Time Magazine. Many readers are outraged by the publication’s choices and it seems that instead of banning this word, readers will ban Time Magazine.


Chanel Spring/Summer '15 Fashion Show
Chanel Spring/Summer ’15 Fashion Show

Alexander Wang x H&M Sold Out Already?!

The exclusive collaboration between designer, Alexander Wang, and clothing store, H&M has been the talk of the town since the announcement at Coachella, California in April. During fashion week, Rhianna gave a glimpse of the collection while casually wearing the line at Central Park, New York.

The fashion show and commercial was released two weeks ago and if we didn’t have our attention set on the clothing line already, we definitely do now. And before we knew it, the release date approached us (TODAY AT 10AM!) and of course everything is now sold out. The website even crashed because of the busy flow of online shoppers! The clothes are sold in select stores so there may be a chance to fend for your own piece of Wang- perhaps listen to the commercial’s background music to pump you up.

Another collaboration that has recently taken off is Kate Moss’ line for TopShop. When High Fashion Designers or Celebrities collaborate with everyday brands- there is bound to be some excitement. I personally love the idea of having the “normal” people be able to shop, not just window shop, for designer brands.