Much Ado About Wedding Outfits

It’s wedding season, can you hear the bells? Not only does one gush over the styles a bride wears, but it gives family and friends a chance to express glamor and celebrate with festive outfits. It’s a time for love, celebration and water works- don’t forget the water proof mascara!

Cocktail Dress: BCBG

One could argue that the main attraction at a wedding is the bridal gown. Whether the dress is an ivory, bone, cheesecake, cream or ecru a wedding dress should fit the bride’s style and give off a sense of enchantment. I really enjoy BHLDN’s selection of bridal gowns, bridesmaids’ gowns and decorations for any themed wedding. All styles on BHLDN’s site give off a warm, dreamy persona that would make any bride fall in love all head over heels.

Shop86 Set

Accompanying the bridal gowns are the many glamorous outfits such as the D. Buchanan kimono and skirt set from with a blush slip underneath. It exudes an effortless, vintage look that will be the life of any wedding or rehearsal dinner. Wear it to the wedding after-party with jeans and a tank top underneath for a more casual look. Another great alternative is a little black dress such as a simple, back silk dress with a slight slit on the leg. Whether you are dressing up as a guest or bride during this year’s wedding season, the possibilities are endless for a fun, flirty and fabulous time.

Much Ado About Summer Trends

As I picked apart my closet to clear away dated or torn summer pieces from last year and kissed my thick sweaters goodbye, I thought of how ready I was for the season! After donating clothes, I usually allow myself to indulge in shopping, so I felt I needed an overflow of new pieces to make my summer ensembles seem just as warm and inviting as the summer weather.


My first interest for the summer is the fifty shades of yellow that I’ve been noticing- from pastels to mustards. All shades have been gracing the racks, but I would stray away from loose fitting yellow tops so one doesn’t resemble a Sesame Street character. A simple yet complex addition to one’s wardrobe is jumpsuits with ventilation… I mean cut-outs, which make for a more formal look. There are so many prints and lengths to work with, making jumpsuits a staple.


Don’t forget about layering stripes on stripes and even more statement stripes! One popular trend is mixing a striped print on the bottom with another extravagant striped top or blazer. Proenza Schouler’s Summer 2017 collection incorporated a great mix of fabrics and stripe sizes. Although florals are still very popular, the ‘groundbreaking’ pattern of the summer may just be stripes! Add a woven basket clutch or shoulder bag to complete the look.

Much Ado About Athleisure

Taking a stroll down any street, one will probably witness any of the following- a pair of leggings with a blazer on top, a duffel passing off as a tote or a pair of crisp, white Adidas sneakers and a sun dress. All of these go-to items have been paired with more business-casual pieces. I do love to incorporate Athleisure into my daily routine, but it’s difficult when working in a professional setting. With that being said, I still love witnessing people pushing the limits at work- from a pair of sneakers and skirts to a large scrunchie-made top knot.

On the weekends, I enjoy going from wearing bright leggings and a sports bra at Bikram to changing into another set of black leggings with mesh and a tight sleek pullover or tee with cut outs for brunch or errands. Most designers have been incorporating some fitness and comfort into their new seasons’ designs. Alexander Wang’s bombers and knit-wear look like a dream. Then, there are the great stores that have been incorporating fitness gurus, such as Bandier and Tone It Up girls, Karena and Katrina. Also, the Stella McCartney for Adidas line seems to just be getting better and better.

I’ve incorporated a few tips so that you don’t look like you’ve been at the gym all day as you stroll into work or brunch. I like to wear my classic Henri Bendel cross-body, even with all my athletic wear. Also, I usually make sure to have my hair down or half-up because, otherwise, I start to look like Sporty Spice.  To mix things up, I sometimes enjoy a bathing suit top as a sports bra for a yoga class or under an over-sized button down in the summer. I also make sure to include a scarf or wedges that pull your interest on those pieces instead of one’s joggers or spandex bottoms.

Much Ado About Yacht Week

As the summer approaches, I can’t help but to feel myself longing for the sea. Even the writer, Isak Dinesen said, The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.” My urge to set voyage also comes from my memories with friends on a yacht two winters ago in the Caribbean. We set sale on our own with our gumption, plenty of swimsuits and the Catamaran’s GPS! It was one of the most adventure-filled vacations with tours of ‘natural’ spas on small islands in the British Virgin Islands and sun soaking on the bow before tying off lines to docks.

image2 - Copy
Tree Pose on Peter Island, BVI

If you’re not feeling as adventurous to charter your own boat, choose getaways with Free People Escapes or The Yacht Week to better broaden your horizons and soak up the sun on the water. The all-inclusive packages for sailing and yoga adventures seem like a seamless way to get away. After choosing which destination to the sea is right for you, then the fun part starts… choosing all of the amazing maxi dresses, swimsuits and cover ups galore. I’d also recommend a duffel bag versus a usual suitcase for easy storage in the cozy cabins! One of the best parts of the trip is experiencing the culture around you and allowing some of it rub off on you!

The view was worth the packing struggle

Much Ado About South Beach

As the clocks spring forward, I can’t help but to think of the great weather that is approaching. Spending a short weekend in Miami reminded me about how great warm getaways and vibrant prints are. The trip definitely helped me prepare for the incoming trends.

The Edition Miami Beach

I’m usually all for blacks and neutrals for my every day attire, but I find that during Spring and Summer my wardrobe expands a little more. Hitting spring trends this year are khaki everything, ruffles and stripes of all kinds. The cold shoulder also doesn’t seem to be quitting anytime soon, neither. I found that in Miami I wanted to rock embroidered prints and crisp white button down dresses to embrace the expectance of Spring!

Everywhere I went, people were active and enjoying the weather. I felt the sudden urge to roller blade with them and drink mojitos because everyone just seemed so relaxed and inviting. Although my perspective on this was probably an oversight, I still believe that everyone needs to pack their weekender bags with a swimsuit and head down to South Beach for a getaway. I’d recommend staying near the glitzy beach clubs, trying a few drinks poolside at Hyde Beach Club and going for walks along the beach. Wynwood Walls and the grafitti scene are also great sights to experience while in Miami.

Nikki Beach



Much Ado About Arting

I’m not one to brag, but I’m great at coloring… in adult color books that is. But when I decide that real art is something to understand, I feel a little more enlightened I look to museums and galleries. In Philly and New York, my two favorite cities- don’t worry Paris is still numero uno- I enjoy different spots and opportunities to take a gander at some quality art. For those who would like to feel enriched via your own couch or bed, try podcasts and audio tours for galleries and museums.

Monet at Musée D’Orsay

Philly’s first Friday is a great and affordable way to force, or a kinder word would be immersing, yourself into new art. In Old City, to stop by the upcoming Matthew Hall exhibit at 3rd Street Gallery and go to happy hour beforehand at The Olde Bar for the Fish House Punch and $1 shucked oysters. Another great Friday affair is to try the Philadelphia Art Museum’s Final Friday, including music, libations and live music. It looks like this Final Friday is titled the Lonely Hearts Club.


The Big Apple also caters to Big Art with deals at museums on the first Sunday of each month. Some of my favorites include the wine tastings in the summer (just another thing to look forward too!) at the Cloisters. Then, call it a day after brunch and sight-seeing along The High Line before or after your tour at the Whitney Museum.

Much Ado About Horoscopes

Along with the dreary weather and cabin fever, I find myself checking my horoscope more than often to see if anything remotely appealing is coming my way. I’m not one to chart the stars, but every so often, I can’t help but blame my misfortune on Mercury or the fact that I’m an air sign that must go with the flow.

If you invest a lot in what many websites say on their daily horoscopes or if you could care less, I think the free Astrology Zone app gives simple and sound advice. I love accessories that involve the signs and tarot cards, as well, such as these zodiac incense from GypsyWarrior and pendants from BaubleBar. A great way to spend time indoors is to host a tarot card reading with girlfriends and cocktails.

Another way to get over cabin fever and feel more aligned is retail therapy. By thinking of summer instead of winter, try going for bathing suits which are reasonably priced at the moment! You don’t need a reading to know that the beach is a good answer, so why not start planning a weekend getaway in the warmth?

If shopping still doesn’t solve the with the winter blues, try using the Headspace app for meditation. Runes is another app that will dig deeper into approaching your best self, if you need more clarity. And last, but not least, try a new workout such as hot yoga or aerial yoga.


Much Ado About Winter Woes

Amongst the many New Year’s resolutions I keep hearing, I can’t help but think of what I can do to center myself for the winter ahead. This year I am looking on how to make the most of my time creatively and what to make room in my life for- maybe some more clothes!

Around this time is when I take a look at my spring and summer clothes that I know I won’t wear. I love PoshMark to sell used clothes, and anything else is off to GoodWill! I usually make an investment in a piece of clothing around this time of year as well, and this year was a Ralph Lauren blazer that I can dress up or down depending on the occasion. It is warm, structured and has a flash of gold that makes me feel just as shiny inside as it looks on the outside.
fullsizerender-5Winter is also the time of the year when I realize how dreary winter is. Just think of the sparse trees and harsh weather as an example. This is where I try to immerse myself in something creative indoors: reading, baking and get ready for it… coloring. I just received many coloring books meant for adults to relieve stress, and I am about to open my copy of  Eat Like a Gilmore to pass the time away with making many treats.fullsizerender-3The days are officially getting longer, and that is something to look forward to. I  purchased a couple of memoirs from Lena Dunham and read Sweet Bitter to add some humor/romance to this not-so-warm weather. Also, try to decide on a weekend getaway to Miami with sun and fun or a staycation with friends around the fire catching up on the award-nominated films to get through the winter woes.img_2950

Much Ado About The Holidays

It’s over a week after Thanksgiving, and I’m officially ready to embrace the holiday mayhem, cue Mariah Carey’s, “All I Want for Christmas”. I kicked off my holiday shopping this weekend, and although it’s hard to resist shopping for only myself, there was progress. Thinking about giving gifts around this time of year gives me a warm feeling inside. As it gets colder, buying my first christmas stockings away from home and cozy throws brighten the mood.

img_2133fullsizerender-2I’m always interested in the cozy winter attire, and this season I love anything suede- from pants to booties. Ponchos and oversized scarves to snuggle me are another favorite. I also enjoy all the scents and foods that are a result of the holidays. I can’t wait to try cozy brunch at Gallow Green’s “The Lodge” and go on VIP shopping adventures like the Henri Bendel Holiday Party with mimosas in stores on the 10th.

img_2347No matter the holiday you celebrate, don’t get too crazed by the holiday madness, only embrace the warm and fuzzy feelings.